FALL 2019

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Everyday Heroes


Their capes may be small but their dreams are anything but!

Everyday Heroes explores the hero within all of us. During this class, children will create their own superheroes, and will develop their individual senses of community, responsibility, and care for others. By examining the concept of heroes, this class aims to channel children's innate fascination with good and bad, and to empower them to express themselves through positive play. We will begin by discussing what a hero is and how each of us defines heroism. We will read stories about everyday heroes in our community and will brainstorm examples of people we think are heroes in each of our lives. From there, we will begin to imagine ourselves as superheroes, with original powers, origin stories, means of travel, and unique goals. Each child will complete a hero identity profile, listing desired traits and sketching out their ideas. As a group we will take part in a "Superhero Training Camp", strengthening our bodies inside and out through obstacle courses, yoga, and healthy cooking projects that teach the superpowers of nutritious foods. We will then begin to craft costumes, experimenting with materials to make wearable pieces that bring each child’s vision to life. Children will also create superhero insignias, symbolic of their imagined power. Additionally, we will explore the emotional component of this theme through talking about anger, fear, and excitement and how to understand these feelings and use them in a positive way. Together, we will apply these concepts through storytelling, acting performances, songwriting, book making, and pretend play using our new identities. Each child will discover that, though they are small, they can make a big difference!

Skills enhanced through this class:

  • Social/Emotional Prosocial play skills (flexibility, generosity, problem solving, empathy, care for community, conflict resolution, confidence, courage, bravery, sense of adventure, resilience, compassion, active participation, self-regulation, communication, and articulation/awareness of feelings)

  • Language & Literacy(Storytelling, performing, dictation, pretend play, book writing, song writing)

  • Art and creative expression (Dramatic play, costume design, mixed media art projects, large-scale three-dimensional group constructions, singing, acting)

  • Motor skill development (fine/small motor improvement through handwriting practice and using hands to manipulate small materials, gross/large, whole body motor skill development through movement exercises and theme-related games)

  • Logic & Reasoning Skills (problem solving, critical thinking, making connections between ideas)

...and much more!

Class details:

  • Eight week session- April 6th - May 25th (Fridays, 3:30-5pm)

  • Designed for ages 4-8

  • $575 per child (*includes the cost of all materials, a take-away portfolio, and professional portrait of your child wearing their creation)

  • Space is limited! Click below registration information


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