FALL 2017


An Adventure in Space!


           This autumn, From Wonder will soar far above the falling leaves with a gravity-defying adventure! An Adventure in Space will explore the dreamy, abstract concept of Outer Space with hands-on, immersive activities and creations. In our very own "Astronaut Training Camp," we will prepare together for our extraterrestrial journeys, learning about teamwork and the job of being an astronaut. We will make equipment, physically prepare through obstacle courses, and enjoy space snacks. From there, we will "blast off" on trips to the sun, moon, and each planet in the solar system with multi-sensory experiences and projects. By writing in our very own "space logs," we will document our discoveries from each new adventure. Highlights include (but are not limited to): designing space suits and equipment, leaving our footprints on the moon, creating replicas of the planets, making our own astronaut portraits, constellation invention and story telling, and designing our own alien costumes. Each session in this eight-week course will bring new, hands-on adventures as we explore the many traits of the amazing galaxy outside of our Earth. Children's ideas and questions will help guide each class to allow them to explore their collective curiosities and make personal connections to the learning process. Together, we will immerse our senses and expand our minds!

Skills enhanced through this class:

  • Social and language skills (confidence, teamwork, connecting to others, problem solving skills, flexibility, turn-taking, listening and responding, question-asking, practicing social language, vocabulary development, inventive storytelling, forming relationships to peers and adults)

  • Literacy skills (sequential storytelling, writing, identifying sight words)

  • Art and creative expression (dramatic play, costume design, mixed media art projects, large-scale three-dimensional group constructions, portraiture)

  • Math & science (experiments, building and measuring, and problem-solving opportunities relating to "missions")

  • Motor skill development (fine/small motor improvement through handwriting practice and using hands to manipulate small materials, gross/large/whole body motor skill development through movement exercises via our "training camp" and theme-related games)

..and much more!

Class details:

  • Eight week session- September 29-November 17, Fridays 3:30-5pm

  • Designed for ages 4-8

  • Classes take place at Giocare Playspot, located at 655 6th Avenue, Brooklyn (at 18th street)

  • $525 per child (Includes the cost of all materials, take-away portfolio of work, weekly in-depth newsletters with class recaps, and a gorgeous portrait of your child in costume/scene setting of their choice printed on archival photo paper)

  • S P A C E is limited! Click below for registration information


Think From Wonder could be a great addition at your child's school? Reach out here. We are currently looking into developing programs for local schools.