From Wonder aims to impart a great love for learning. To teach children to ask questions and immerse themselves in the process. To develop their sense of wonder. Wonder is the basic building block; the jumping-off point.

From wonder, it all begins...


We believe in....

Embracing Different Learning Styles - From Wonder celebrates diverse forms of learning, as we know many children benefit from a combination of approaches. We offer something for every type of learner by engaging in a holistic blend of auditory, visual, and tactile experiences.

Creating Independent Thinkers - At From Wonder, every child has a voice and a say in the direction of the topic being explored. We make sure each child knows that no idea is too large, and no question too small. We do not attempt to merely fill in space or to impose our own ideas, but rather teach children to reflect and think. It is then that creativity happens.

Community Spirit - Learning is a social experience. We work at being part of a team and connecting with one another. We engage in social learning by prioritizing empathy, patience, flexibility, attentiveness, and understanding of differences. From Wonder seeks curious, creative thinkers and encourages families and community members to share their ideas and take part in the process. We are moldable and flexible and are always seeking new ideas and directions for growth.

The Importance of  “Yet” - There is great value in learning patience for what is yet to come, and embracing where things are. Children may express frustrations for what they cannot yet do - whether they are not yet capable, or are apprehensive. At From Wonder, we work to find individualized ways to refocus that first connect back to pre-existing interests, then encourage a broader scope. If the interest is there, the skill will follow.  

The Three M’s: Messes, Mistakes, and Meaning - We (really)love messes here, and we go all in because that’s when the magic happens. We create a safe space where children can feel comfortable diving in, worry-free. We also teach the importance of making mistakes - that they are not only ok, but are part of being a learner. When you make mistakes your brain grows. We want all children to feel they can be confident and to try (and fail) without fear.  

Process-Driven Learning - In this technological age, it's easy to forget the value of the old-fashioned learning  process - the discoveries that happen along the way; the experiences shared; the memories created. From Wonder’s projects and play bring joy to the learning process and tap into the creative spirit of each individual child. 

Original Content - Because no two learners are the same, no two classes should be, either. Our class themes are only a starting point - the content of every class, guided by the participants, will be as unique as their ideas. We don't do pre-made. There are no coloring pages or cut-out templates. Your children will be making everything with their own two hands with the materials provided.  And their imaginations will help guide their class experiences, leaving room for creative expression and creating a personalized adventure.


Have an idea for a class? Interest in a workshop or Birthday party theme? Reach out: hello@fromwonder.com