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This summer we will travel to new lands, far off galaxies, and explore the depths of each child’s imagination, without even leaving the city! 

Each week will have it's own unique theme and will include multi-sensory projects, costume creations, mixed media inventions, fine art, writing, storytelling, movement, open play and much more!  Sessions will run half days Monday-Friday, for 3 weeks in July and August. 

Located at Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture, 53 Prospect Park West in Park Slope. See below for details. 

wEEK 1 (July 29th-August 2nd)



Who needs the Hamptons when you can journey to a far-off galaxy?! An Adventure in Space will explore the dreamy, abstract concept of Outer Space with hands-on, immersive activities and creations. In our very own "Astronaut Training Camp," we will prepare together for our extraterrestrial journeys, learning about teamwork and the job of being an astronaut. We will make equipment, physically prepare through obstacle courses, and enjoy space snacks. From there, we will "blast off" on trips to the sun, moon, and each planet in the solar system with multi-sensory experiences and projects. By writing in our very own "space logs," we will document our discoveries from each new adventure. Highlights include(but are not limited to): Designing space suits and equipment from recycled materials, leaving our footprints on the moon, creating replicas of the planets, making our own astronaut portraits, constellation invention and storytelling, creating nebulae "star nurseries", tasting astronaut foods, and designing our own alien costumes. Each day will bring new, hands-on adventures as we explore the many traits of the amazing galaxy outside of our Earth. Together, we will immerse our senses and expand our minds!

 Skills enhanced through this camp:

  • Social and language skills (confidence, teamwork, connecting to others, problem solving skills, flexibility, turn-taking, listening and responding, question-asking, practicing social language, vocabulary development, inventive storytelling, forming relationships to peers and adults)

  • Literacy skills (sequential storytelling, writing, identifying sight words)

  • Art and creative expression (dramatic play, costume design, mixed media art projects, large-scale three-dimensional group constructions, portraiture)

  • Math & science (experiments, building and measuring, and problem-solving opportunities relating to "missions")

  • Motor skill development (fine/small motor improvement through handwriting practice and using hands to manipulate small materials, gross/large/whole body motor skill development through movement exercises via our "training camp" and theme-related games)

..and much more!


Week 2 - (August 5th-9th)



Nature is both all around us and deep within us.

This camp will celebrate creative expression inspired by the natural world, highlighting different artists and techniques and allowing each child to access the creative spirit inside.

We will begin by tuning in to our surroundings, exploring the wonderful resources of both Brooklyn’s largest private garden (located on site at BSEC) and Prospect Park across the street. We will open our minds, engage our senses, and take time to be still, appreciate, and observe. Together, we will explore ways to express the beauty of nature through land art, printmaking, portraiture, photography, sculpture, mural art, still-life painting, and collage.  Materials will include found natural objects, organic materials, natural dyes and pigments, paint, ink, printing tools, recycled materials, and wood.

Each day will involve the study of an individual artist’s journey in finding inspiration from the natural world. We will enter our Art History Time Machine, “traveling” to a time and place via our imaginations to walk with an artist on their journey. Highlighted artists will include Andy Goldsworthy, Maya Lin, Claude Monet, and a very special instructional visit on wood artistry from local Park Slope artist Bernette Rudolph. In addition, we will touch on cave painting and other early forms of art, and explore contemporary artists who use recycled materials to demonstrate their care for the earth.

We will also foster a dialogue about the creative process through artist critiques where each child can share thoughts and feelings. This will help to provide concrete examples of how different people express the same thing in different ways, and help each child feel empowered in their own unique style and way of connecting to their environment. This camp will celebrate creative expression in various forms, allowing each child to be unplugged and connected with their surroundings and inventive spirit. Artists of all skill levels are welcomed and nurtured.  

 Skills enhanced through this camp:

  • Social/Emotional  (expressing emotions through positive action, teamwork, problem solving, understanding of others, understanding diversity, confidence, courage, bravery, compassion, active participation, communication, self-regulation, experiencing success through open-ended processes, and articulation/awareness of feelings)

  • Language & Literacy (vocabulary development, expressive language, dictation, pretend play, storytelling, symbol-creation, writing)

  • Creative expression (mixed-media art projects, large-scale three-dimensional group constructions, imaginative thinking, exploring new materials)

  • Science/Sensory (watching materials change form through physical science, experimentation, exposure to new materials and textures, making meaningful connections to the natural world)

  • Motor skill development (fine/small motor improvement through manipulating materials, strengthening eye-hand coordination, learning new techniques that require precision and control)

  • Logic & Reasoning Skills (perceptual skills, problem-solving, making choices, critical thinking, making connections between ideas, spatial understanding, basic mathematical concepts)

...and much more!





“Is a sea cucumber a vegetable?” “What makes a blobfish blobby?” “Why do some things in the ocean glow?” “Are mermaids real or just pretend?” Aquatic Adventures will delve into children’s curiosities about ocean life by embarking on an imaginative underwater journey!

This week, we will cool off from the summer heat by “diving in” to explore each of the five zones in the ocean. We will begin by transforming ourselves into a team of divers, complete with scuba diving uniforms and handmade equipment (diving team emblems, air tanks, flippers, and more!). Day 1 will include ‘Scuba Diving Training Camp’, learning about the equipment, safety procedures, communication, and jobs/adventures you can have as a diver. Children will be paired with diving buddies for each dive, making discoveries as a team.

We will spend the week embarking on missions to the Sunlight, Twilight, Midnight, Abyss, and Trench zones. Each day will take us deeper - from just below the surface, filled with colorful characters, to the slimy, dark depths of the bottom of the sea. Together we discover the incredible inhabitants that live in each layer of the ocean through a combination of art, science, social, and sensory experiences. Children will also choose a creature of interest to create a wearable costume. Costume creations will blend each child’s creative vision with learned information about what makes each creature unique. These creations will celebrate the beauty and diversity of ocean life, and allow each child to feel totally immersed in the ocean experience.

Highlights include (but are not limited to): Diving Training Camp and obstacle course, designing scuba self-portraits, creating a coral reef, discovering the magic of bioluminescence, making slimy blobfish, squishing our way through the gooey trench, creating sea plant sculptures, exploring echolocation, searching for Megalodon fossils, transforming ourselves into ocean creatures, and much more!  In addition, we will create diving logs to record details from each of our diving missions.

Skills enhanced through this camp:

  • Social/Emotional (confidence, teamwork, connecting to others, problem-solving skills, flexibility, turn-taking, forming relationships to peers and adults, empathy, care for community and climate, conflict resolution, confidence, courage, bravery, sense of adventure, resilience, compassion, active participation, self-regulation, communication)

  • Language & Literacy (inventive storytelling, listening and responding, vocabulary development, performing, dictation, sign language, pretend play, question-asking, practicing social language, reading, writing)

  • Art and creative expression (dramatic play, costume design, mixed media art projects, large-scale three-dimensional group constructions, portraiture, singing, acting)

  • Math & science (multi-step experiments, sensory explorations, building and measuring, and problem-solving opportunities relating to "missions")

  • Motor skill development (fine/small motor improvement through manipulating small materials, writing, and art creation; whole-body motor skill development through movement exercises and theme-related games)

  • Logic & Reasoning Skills (problem solving, critical thinking, making connections between ideas)

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A note on cancellation: No refunds less than 30 days before first day of enrolled camp session. Please understand that we staff and supply our programs based on enrollment and are generally unable to make changes after this date.

Our policy applies to all cancellations regardless of original sign-up date. Fees from unused sessions cannot be applied to future purchases or transferred to another family.

Please contact us if there is a different week that might work better for you. We’d be happy to take a look and make a switch if available!